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OK....breif history. I have my teeth cleaned regularly and rarely have had any problems. The last time I had them cleaned, they found a cavity on an upper molar, adjacent to a tooth that had a filling. I had the tooth filled and have been having problems ever since.  Pressure when I bite down on that tooth, sensitivity on the tooth when I floss (only on one side), and a bad taste comes from that tooth if I chew food on it (especially something chewy). All these symptoms happened IMMEDIATELY after the filling. The dentist initially thought it was an uneven bite. I had the bite adjusted. Didnt help. I went back. He took x-rays. Says every thing looked fine. He discounts the bad taste which is most concerning to me. He did however say that the cavity was deep and may have angered the root.  How do I know? Could needing a root canal cause the bad taste? Is an Endodontist what I need? Help????

Hi Traci,

WOW....lots going on after just a filling! Since I can't examine you, I really can't diagnosis your problem, obviously. But it sounds to me like your dentist is having a hard time finding the cause of all this. In situations like this, it is good to get a 2nd opinion and if there is any chance you might need a root canal, an endodontist would be a good choice for that opinion. We specialize in pain diagnosis as well as doing root canals. Your symptoms could be related to an abscessed tooth, but it's hard to really say without X-rays and an exam. If the tooth is draining from an abscess, that could be the source of your bad taste.

I hope this helps. Just out of curiosity, would you please let me know what you find out? It's an interesting situation.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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