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QUESTION: my palate have been burnt a lot of times from hot food especially hot rice , now it is swollen hard with no pain, my dentist said it will go away on its own, but it has been one year now and it is still swollen, hard with no pain and no redness. I would have gone to my dentist again, but I donít have a dental insurance. It is normal for it to remain swollen after such a long time.

ANSWER: Dear Blessing,
sorry but there is just not enough information here for me to give you a proper answer.
It would be necessary for me to know, exactly where on the palate the problem was, how big the swelling is , what the color is, if it is hard or soft around the edges , et. cetera.
There are rare occasions when lesions on the palate are very serious.
I am sorry but I can suggest nothing other than you should see a dentist.
all the best,
Dr. Moss

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Swollen Palate
Swollen Palate  
QUESTION: Thank you Dr. Moss for your response  
Attached is a picture I took this morning that will let you know how big it really is. When I first notice it, I always rob my tongue on it, now I hardly remember it is there, except when I look at the mirror or brush my teeth. I have never felt any pain on it and there has never been a different color on the swollen palate other than it is just swollen and and hard.

Dear Blessing,
the picture looks to me like a palatal bony torus.
This is a naturally forming bone structure that may have grown a little during the past few years so that when you had some hot food you burnt the tissue that covers it and noticed it for the first time.
If my guess based on your excellent photo is correct ,the torus is harmless and you should ignore it and go on with your every day activities.  Your description of how it feels in the mouth also makes me think you are dealing with a normal bony mass (a torus )
Many people have them and they do are not dangerous. Generally once formed these structures do not continue to grow bigger.
Remember though there are other things that can cause a hard mass on your palate and those kind of growths need immediate attention.
So in summary my guess is that there is nothing to do or worry about from what I see or here.
But if you want to be absolutely sure, something that I am not, then you should have someone take a radiograph to be sure of what is causing the swelling in your mouth on your hard palate.
Hope this helps a bit,
Dr. Moss


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