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Hi there, I had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth extracted a week ago today. They were both impacted and had to be split and drilled out. I had pain on day 4 and the oral surgeon packed my sockets with some stuff that looked like chewing tabacco, he said in 2 days (which would be today) to use an irrigating syringe with warm water and salt to flush the sockets. Welllll I did that and nothing came out.. I'm concerned that my sockets aren't healing properly and food is actually In there.. I am so paranoid that the gym tissue is going to grow over and food will be in there :( I will attach a picture.

All in all, I just want to know if they look like they are healing healthy for day 7 post extraction!!
Thanks :)

Lindsay -  The problem is that the surgeon is not being attentive to your situation.  When a socket is packed, the doctor should be the one to remove the packing material, irrigating the socket then and repacking it if necessary.  This situation is repeated until healing occurs.  For the surgeon to have you do all the work is wrong.  You need to see the surgeon directly to evaluate the area.  From the picture I don't see any inflammation or problem, but the surgeon should be evaluating it.


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