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Not sure how to phrase this as I think I'm better off going to a dentist to have a look but I'm broke right now so I guess this is my only option.

A while back my back tooth got chipped, (and by a while back I mean 3 months ago or so). At least I think it did, it feels like it's broken at the back and it's kind of sharp sometimes. It doesn't hurt.

The other day I realized my wisdom tooth is coming out right next to it, and I'm really curious if that's the reason my tooth chipped? and how urgently would I need to go to a dentist?

I've read online that most of the time wisdom teeth grow out fine, just that dentists insist on removal where it might not be necessary at all and I was wondering what are the chances of my wisdom tooth having pushed the other tooth? Or did it crack on it's own?

Also, would a check up be free at a dentist? Just to have him have a look and tell me what's wrong.

ANSWER: You need to be examined to determine what's going on.The chip may be related to the wisdom tooth angulation and getting food caught there.Eventually this food trap could get decayed and the tooth adjacent to the wisdom could chip as you describe.You should get an exam and xrays to make the proper diagnosis.Normally there is a fee for this.Be careful of what you read online.

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QUESTION: Hi, just one more thing. If I don't treat my tooth, and it really is chipped. What's the worst that can happen? I will definitely try to go as soon as possible, but just wondering what would be the worst case scenario in case I can't.

Depending on how badly it's chipped and the extent of the decay you could end up with a tooth that needs a root canal or have to have it removed.Take care of it now at your leisure because the root canal need will be on an emergency basis of severe pain,swelling etc and at a time that will be inconvenient at best.Not trying to scare you but after 28 years of treating emergencies this has been my experience.GO


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