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Dr Kaurani,

About 10 years ago I had a crown placed on tooth #31 and subsequently needed a root canal through the crown (within 3 weeks).  The endodontist placed a temporary filling and I returned to my dentist for a permanent filling.  This past week the crown became loose and when my current dentist removed it he found the cotton pellet placed by the endodontist was not removed when the permanent filling was placed.  My dentist was shocked to see the retained cotton and mentioned that it was not "standard of care" to leave the cotton and it may have led to the significant decay found under the crown.  The tooth required a post, a build up and a new crown.  
I called my previous dentist to ask her opinion. She stated that because the tooth was "a closed system" after the crown was placed that the retained cotton was not the cause of any problem
So my questions are #1, was it inappropriate to leave the cotton pellet in before placing the permanent crown and #2, did the cotton lead to crown instability/ decay?
Thanks for your advice.

Dear rebecca
Its unfortunate to know that such a thing happened.

1) yes it was inappropriate to leave a cotton pellet behind
2) no the cotton itself cannot lead to further decay. The reason being the same " closed isolated environment with a permanent filling on top and crown encircling the tooth all around. If i may theorise further, one has to ask.... Why did you need an rct in the first place? Was it because of the nerve dying due to the crown placement procedure or was it due to leakage and decay around the crown margins?

A good starting point would be to evaluate the xray just before the rct was initiated through the crown.

My guess is (8/10 times) that the crown had leaking margins that caused the nerve of the tooth to die.

Best wishes
Dr mayank kaurani


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