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A day ago I had a root canal done and had a temporary crown put on.
Well when I got home it hurt to touch and to bite down on the
tooth.Gums do not hurt and not sensitive to hot or cold.
If I push the tooth from the back of it it doesn't hurt but if
I tap the tooth in front or on side it hurts.

What could it be...I'm having the real cap in 2 weeks so should I just wait.

Hello. Generally, there is some soreness after a root canal. the tooth is healing for several weeks following treatment. You may possibly need the height or fit of the temporary crown to be adjusted. Sometimes the tooth lifts slightly out of the socket while healing causing the bite to change. shortening the temporary may alleviate this problem. I would not suggest chewing on it, if you can avoid use until the permanent crown is in, that should help as well. I hope that I have answered your question fully. Have a nice evening.


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