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Hi there
I had 6 root canal procedures on my front lower left incisor for a periodontal abscess which was found after I had my teeth whitened dentist thought I must have had abscess for around 5 years.
The tooth was sealed and root canal finished in October 2013. I now have a throbbing pain in the tooth and surrounding teeth and the lymph nodes under my jaw and neck on the left side are swollen and sore.
D you have any advice , I can't afford to go to the dentist  again still paying off previous treatments, would it be sensible to go to emergency department at hospital where I can get free treatment or wait and see what happens have a full course of amoxicillin trihidrate CA 500g should I take these?

Thank you


No tooth should take 6 procedures to complete.  You need to get to an oral surgeon and get an evaluation.  The tooth most likely needs to be extracted ASAP.  You can go to the ER but antibiotics will only temporarily take care of this infection.  Every time you get the infection it will be worse and harder to deal with. The bacteria will get resistant to the antibiotic. The infection will NOT go away without the extraction, and the infection can kill you.

You also have upper wisdom teeth which need to go, and root loss on your lower incisors, most likely from bad orthodontics.  It would appear someone extracted your bicuspids to do ortho which has not been done in the past 30 years in the US as it is 100% WRONG to do that.

If this same dentist did the ortho and the root canal you need to run away screaming from this person.  If you feel worse by all means go to the ER for sure but as I said, if you do not get this tooth rtreated by an oral surgeon you are risking your life.


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