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My Mouth  
I am in my mid 20's, I have recently had my lower wisdom tooth removed by surgery as it was an impacted tooth, the doctor put around 6 to 7 non dissolvable stitched in that area.

The (1)first day went fine i could drink water eat ice cream and have antibiotics given my the doctor without much pain or feeling as I was under local anesthesia during the day, in the night pain and pressure was unbearable so took a pain killer and sleeping pill to sleep. Even after elevation the pillow was bloody. The (2)second day face was swollen like a football applied lot of ice and swelling went down considerably, went through the day with antibiotics and painkillers, repeated the same process of sleeping pill and pain killer at night, found the pillow bloody again in the morning a little less from the first night. I followed all instructions like not spitting, no straws, no hard food, no rinsing, etc. Today being the (3rd)third day my swelling on face has reduced from 100% to 15%, but am continuously going through a burning sensation, even when i drink water or eat or try closing my mouth fully. I am on pain killer and antibiotics but the sharp pain wont go. Only when i keep my mouth in certain ways i don't feel the pain. I am very paranoid about getting a dry socket and also I am not really bleeding much today. I have been told to salt water rinse gently but trying that twice today gives me more burning sensation. I am currently terrified will I ever get alright again. The burning sensation is not excruciating till the ear or jaw bone but more like a painful burn or cut.

Visiting my doctor this week is not possible as he is out of town, and due to some mediclaim issues i cant go elsewhere. I am attaching an image i took from the phone camera for your reference, please tell me how bad does it look and is it a dry socket or any other issue.

Aylwin -  I wish I could give you an exact answer as to the cause of the problem or how to cure the pain, but it is a little difficult without examining you.  I know that the warm salt water rinses seem to hurt, but it is important to continue it.  Do it for about 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day, whether you don't like it or not.  Sure, narcotic pain medication can help to reduce the pain, but you need a doctor to directly examine the area to determine the cause.  So my suggestion is the warm salt water for about 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  I'm sorry I can't suggest more, but you need to see your doctor or another one to fully evaluate what is occurring.


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