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As a dental student, I am confused a bit and I think I can get more oriented with answers here.

About dental composites.

There are different generations and classifications.

Can we relate each classification to a specific application in dentistry.

Microfilled have higher polishability, so they are placed as the last layer..

can you help me with the other generations and their applications. when and where to use them.


the generations you are hearing about refer to the bonding agents used to bond in a composite. i think we are up to the 8th generation of these. the newest generation are can use them in just about every application. look at scotchbond universal, bisco universal, and now dentsply has one.

composites are classified by particle size. the smaller the particle (filler), the better the polishability. the newest composites give you the best of all worlds...they are strong yet they do polish. i refer you to filtek supreme ultra.

most dentists want a universal composite to go along with that universal bonding agent. they want to be able to use it in anterior teeth as well as posterior teeth. that is what the manufacturers are giving us now...and we appreciate that. it is not easy or fun to have to switch between resins.

does this help you out? if you need more clarification, please feel free to recontact me with more detailed questions. i am more than willing to help you out.

jeff dalin, dds


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