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Dentistry/extreme calcium build up on my gums!


It is getting worse over the years!  My Dentist made the comment to me twice that he has never seen any patient with such a case of gum calcium buildup!!!!!!
Just within the past two days I have noticed that there are little bumps sticking out on the gums that have the build up.  I have also recently been experiencing when I eat the food pockets between my gums and cheek.
PLEASE just give me some info and where I need to go next!  Aslo questions I should be asking my dentist.  Also are their specialist that deal with this condition?

i would try to use a sonicare brush...they make claims that you will form less calculus or tartar. also use tartar control toothpastes. this too will help. you will still form some. this is determined by genetics. lastly i would go in for cleanings every 3 months. this will help as well. have your teeth and gums and bone evaluated...make sure you do not have bone loss. the three month cleanings will help prevent that.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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