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Dentistry/Filling has started to hurt after a few months



I got my first filling around mid January from a new dentist and everything seemed to go fine, however a couple of days ago the tooth in question has become extremely sensitive; both to changes in temperature (I have sensitive teeth anyway) and to pressure (a numb pain when I clench my teeth tightly and a sharp pain when eating).

As this is my first filling I don't know whether sensitivity comes and goes as a filling adjusts but most internet searches return results about fillings hurting immediately after a procedure, whereas mine only hurt for a few days and then was fine until now.

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call the dentist and get in there for an evaluation...some possible ideas: 1) bite could be a little off...simple adjustment can take care of that  2) tooth or filling cracked...may need a new filling or a crown if the tooth has cracked  3) nerve issues...need to make sure nerve is okay...depends on how deep the decay was originally

have all of these ideas checked out...good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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