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Hello I am 24 years old Male and for about a year now I have been experiencing a clicking or popping noise when I yawn. This is how it all started. About a year ago I had yawned and my mouth stuck open for a few seconds and wouldn't close. Then finally after a few seconds I was able to close my mouth. Since that has happened I noticed that when I yawn I hear a clicking or popping noise. I am deeply concerned if somehow I may have dislocated my jaw or misaligned my face from this experience. I would like to know what doctor, dentist or specialist I should see to find out if my jaw or face has been dislocated or misaligned in anyway and the best expert to correct those problems if any. Thank you for your time.

this is called TMJ problems or temporomandibular joint problems. this is the name of the joint in front of your ears. it is a ball and socket joint that is your jaws opening and closing. sometimes the muscles and ligaments spasm and pull things out of allignment. warm moist hear packs can help relax the muscles and allow things to go back to where they belong. i always tell my patients to try that first. take a wash cloth and get it wet and warm and hold it on side of face where the joint is. see if that helps. if it does, then you know what it is and you will know how to control it in the future. some physical therapists know how to work with this joint and muscle as well. we as dentists can make appliances to wear to help things out especially if you are clenching or grinding your teeth. call and talk with your dentist about all of this.

i think this information will give you somewhere to start. good luck

jeff dalin, dds  


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