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I had my jaw broken in a car accidnet 16 years ago. My jaw has not worked properlymsince, there is always tightness, etc. i do not usually experience pain though.
I went for a dental cleaning about two weeks ago. The next day I had redness and swelling on my lower, inner gums on the left side. I began rinsing my mouth with a diluted peroxide solution and the redness and swelling went away after a few days. Yesterday in the mddle of the day i began experiencing severe pain in my jaw joint on the left side. I applied ice and heat and took some tylenol. By the next morning my jaw apin is still severe, my jaw joint is swollen and my ear hurts (not my inner ear). Would this problem be an infection caused by the cleaning?

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Hi, Sonya,

Your question is impossible to answer without direct examination. Your best course of action is to call your dentist for an examination.

Your jaw fracture, however, is possible to address and probably the cause of much of the pain.

Please see this page and the articles to which it has links:,1.htm

The article discusses how injuries cause changes in jaw musculature that lead to pain of the type you have described and what you can do about it.  


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