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My lower partial broke. My dentist was on vacation so I called a dentist that advertised "Dentures in one day" I called and was told he could fix the denture in one day.
While there he told me he would have to make another partial since mine could not be fixed. I agreed and he later came back and said he can't make the partial that I would have to get a new set.
When he brought the partial in it did not fit. He had made a partial where the holes in the partial would fit over my two teeth on the bottom. No anchor. He wanted to do implants which I did not agree with. He got frustrated and told me to just use a glue that would hold them in after I had paid him $3100. I have had dentures since I was 25 years old and am now 77. Never used glue in my life. Is there anyway these dentures could be anchored. He told me to get another dentist and ordered me out of his office. Can you help??? Please. Do you know about Q cell?

I am sorry to hear about your mistreatment. Without seeing your existing situation, it is impossibly hard for me to assess. There are a few options. #1. take your broken partial to your previous dentist to see if it can be repaired. #2. take the new denture to your previous dentist, have him/her try it in and see if it was made properly. If it was, and can be fixed, have them fix it, and send the bill to the dentist who overcharged for an unusable denture, letting him know that you will contact the local dental board if he doesnt do the right thing. If it can not be fixed, you should contact the dental board, and tell them what happened. perhaps your previous dentist can make you a properly fitting one, and you should be able to get some money back from the other dentist. #3, go to a prosthodontist, ( a denture specialist)and show them both dentures, to see what they think should be done.
Basically, if you still have the same teeth in your mouth, and only the partial broke, you should be able to have your partial fixed, or a new one made in the same design as the old one.
Good luck with everything. I think that you need to speak to a dentist locally that you can trust to help you with this situation, and dont bow out, you deserve to get the treatment you paid for!!


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