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I had my lower denture relined by a dentist at the faculty dental practice of my local University.  The product upon insertion was extremely painful and tasted very strong. My gums and especially the inner right cheek area became inflamed and so sore in many spots that I couldn't wear the denture from the office to my home.  My mouth became worse in the ensuing days and today, five days from my appointment, the pain and sores are finally beginning to lessen.  I have to puree my food and am unable to make any public I am totally depressed.  I called the dentist twice, and asked for the name of the product...he hasn't returned my call yet. AT this point, should I ask him to remove the reline material?  And start over with a new dentist?  I need a new set of full dentures. Originally, I was a patient at the School's student dentistry practice...where the reline they put in caused my mouth and gums to develop an unusual texture...a leather-like texture which replaced the naturally smooth feeling.  Neither the  student dentist, his faculty supervisor or the new faculty dentist, that I am now seeing, know the cause or treatment for my problem.  I need an expert to examine my mouth and offer a solution!

Sarina -  Not all, but many patients find that denture reline material is an irritant.  There are a number of different materials and you need to find a different dentist, but let him know the name of the reline material.  Often dental schools and university offices, where the materials used in them are bought from the school, do not use the best products, but usually less expensive ones.

First of all, an anti-inflammatory medication, such as Kenalog in Orabase, can be applied to the inflamed tissue and it will quickly reduce the inflammation.  

At the dental school, there should be an Oral Health specialist teaching at the school.  That would be an ideal type of doctor to evaluate your situation.  Once the cause has been determined then appropriate materials can be used.  So find the Oral Health specialist.


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