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I recently purchased a Groupon for a dental cleaning and exam because I don't have a dentist that I see regularly. I went to the appointment, and I was told that I need a full mouth debridement as well as 4 fillings. I've never had a cavity in my life, and now suddenly I have 4. I was wondering if you would suggest that I get a second opinion. I'm a little worried that the dental office is trying to upsell me, given that my initial appointment was from a Groupon.

absolutely get a second opinion!!! i do not know anything about the office you visited but upselling as you call it can easily take place. you need to make sure you need that work before signing on to doing it. i am glad you decided to step back and evaluate things more closely. you might very well need this work and it is good to have it all taken care of. but also good to put you mind at ease here. good luck.

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