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Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction  
I had my tooth pulled on the 27 of February and its now the 2 of March. I have been having this throbbing pain in the mornings but it usually will go away when I take the painkillers. I also have this foul taste in my mouth. That leaves me feeling like I have bad breath. I brush 2 times a day and I rinse with salt water 2 times a day. I rinse with the Peridex mouth rinse 2 times a day and I still feel pain and have that foul taste in my mouth. The site looks horrible to me but I don't know if its healing or infected or dry socket. I am praying it isn't dry socket. I can't see my dentist until Monday and its Saturday. What could be going on?

Hi Brit,

I'm sorry you are having all this pain. The picture you took is a bit fuzzy, but it shows what certainly could be a dry socket. I would suggest you call your dentist, even though it's Saturday, explain what is going on and ask for help. He/she should have an after hours message service for patients like you that need help. Please call ASAP.

Good luck...

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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