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Hi I was just wondering what some of the common treatments are  for a patient with a severe class 3 bite... where his/or her lower jaw slides to far forward?

And what type of dentist usually treats this?


Dear Gary,
    There are two available options for your situation:

1) Go see a prosthodonist, have your bite properly evaluated and have the prosthodontist fabricate a proper orthodontic device, (nightgard) to protect yor teeth from the damage of grinding at night that a class 3 bite lends itself to. Keep good oral hygiene and proper maintenance and do nothing else.
2) Speak to your prosthodontist about a referral to an orthodontist and an oral surgeon for orthognathic surgery workup. You will have to wear braces for a period of time, go through corrected jaw surgery to set your jaws into the proper position, then continue with braces for a while and eventually have a few restorations (crowns) made to make your bite ideal and as desired.
Option 2 is a far more costly and is an involved procedure that has to be carefully considered. This is why your first step in either situation is to go see a prosthodontist who is the specialist in restorative cosmetic and implant denstry.

         Best of Luck,
         Dr. Zev Kaufman


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