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I was looking for some advice.  My teeth aren't in the best condition due to lack of care when I was younger- I look after them now but unfortunately they were affected already.  I have quite a lot of fillings and had had a root canal in one front tooth and one back tooth.  THe back tooth has broken, the front tooth cracked but was saved.
Last year I had decided I wanted to get my teeth into the best condition I could, I went to a dentist in town.  ALthough I wanted my teeth fixed they hadn't been causing me any problems or pain.  He started works but part way through I found out I was pregnant.  I had had a large filling prior to finding out I was pregnant and during my pregnancy I started having a lot of pain, I got some antibiotics nad he had to start a new root canal on this- due to the size of hte filling it had got damaged.  
He started to redo the root canal I already had as he said there was signs of infection inside it - it wasn't causing me any pain or problems but now since being opened I have had nothing but pain.  My teeth are also really sensitive at the front and I've never had sensitive teeth before.  I had to go to the dental hospital and he opened my tooth to drain.  I feel like maybe this work could have waited till I wasn't pregant?  And my lower immune system has allowed the infection to get worse?  Could anyone advise?  

I have since gone to another dentist, he has closed the tooth but hasn't given me any antibiotics, he doesn't want to do the root canal and is hping that we can get the infection calmed for now and resume works after the baby is born.

I feel a bit like maybe the first dentist was doing works taht he shouldn't have been and should have left- or does this sound reasonable?  It's upsetting me that although my teeth needed work they hadn't given me any problems or pain and suddenly i'm having constant problems with them.


Hi natlie
Procrastination is not my forte, so i would abstain from analysing the need for treatment or not. Having said that yuor dental work can resume between 3rd month till 6th month. All painkillers are absolutely avoidable except paracetamol and antibiotics have to be prescribed with caution.

Any remaining procedure would be best postponed after the baby arrives.
Only fillings, tooth cleaning and change of root canal medications can be done during the interveining time.
Best wishes for a trouble free pregnancy dear!
Dr mayank kaurani


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