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I had a small cavity that was fixed after a yr. Bill states:  D2392 Resin-Based Composite-two surface post - charge $230.00  (tooth 20, D85)

Also: D2391-Resin-Based Cimposite-One surface post -charge $177.00(tooth 21-B5)
Total charge -$407.00

I was in the chair for 15 min. No anesthesia at all. Cavity located @ bottom near gum. Cotton was put in mouth. No drilling, only a drill that blasted water droplets. Nothing like I remembered in the past. I'm 59 yrs. old. I think the dr. Over-charged me.  Really $407.00. Please advise.
Newnan, Ga.

Looks like you had a 2 surface resin done on one tooth and a 1 surface done on the other. not sure about how things were done when you describe no drill. you can go get a second opinion and make sure that these two fillings are actually in there and are on those two teeth. prices are not out of line. just make sure the fillings were actually done. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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