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I had a very big gap between my front teeth and wore braces for the last 2 years and my teeth got together. But I was told I had to have an operation done on my frenum but didn't opt for it now my teeth have gone back to the state of being gapped and its such a big annoying gap. How can I have a nice smile without having an operation?

This operation you are referring to takes less than 10 minutes and without removing the pull of the frenum you will continue to relapse probably.I can't make a clinical diagnosis.Also might  want to consider getting the space closed with  orthodontics and folowing up with a lingual bonded retainer that will hold the teeth in place on a long term basis.The other more invasive option would be to bond the teeth or laminate them and close the space by making them wider.Again these are ideas being thrown out sans an exam.


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I`m a practicing general dentist for 29 years. Member of ADA,NYSDA,SDDS. In addition I am a fellow of the ICOI.My emphasis is on Implant Dentistry .I would be happy to answer questions regarding implant dentistry as well as general dental questions. Ofcourse within the limitations of no clinical exam and the absence of radiographs .


Private practice for 29 years. Have kept up to date with continuing education throughout that time.

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