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I had a top molar extracted (Not my wisdom tooth) around 72 hours ago - Give or take 3-4 hours. The day after I had the tooth extracted I drank through a straw, and about 5 hours later I realized what I had done.  I have been looking and I am still able to see a clot.  If my clot was going to dislodge and I would get dry socket, would the clot dislodge immediately or a few days after - as I heard dry socket can appear 3-5 days after the extraction, but the first 3 days you are unable to drink through straws, smoke, or use too much suction I hear.

everything you say here is true...the clot usually will dislodge within the first few days. you are wise to avoid the excess suction and trauma. now that you are past the 72 hours, i would still be a little careful. don't overdo things even at this point. be gentle up there for the next few days. why take a chance of getting a dry socket (which is what happens when the clot falls out...can be painful...this is how you know the clot is gone).
so my opinion is take it easy even for the next few days to play it safe. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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