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Dentistry/Pain in dental cap + black speck on biting surface


About 3 years ago I had a root canal and then my dentist fitted me for a permanent cap (crown). Since then I have complained of general soreness and pain that causes headaches. He had shaved it down for me two separate times and said it could be food getting caught in it. Recently I noticed a black speck on the biting surface when I look in the mirror along with the same dull pain and headaches radiating from that tooth. I have an appointment with a new dentist on Thursday, as mine retired. What might be causing this? Bad fit? More food getting stuck? Decay?

Any help is appreciated

Hi Drew,
Sorry about your recent dental issues.  The black mark on the crown (cap), may be where the metal is showing from adjustments made by your previous dentist.

Hopefully the root canal treatment was done by an endodontist (root canal specialist).  I would have the endodontist re-evaluate the area as you may have a recurrent infection.

If you're getting food caught between that crown and the adjacent teeth, the pain could be coming from food impaction and sore gums.  Your new dentist would be able to evaluate the crown to see if you need a new one.

Hope this helps,
KG Amin
Austin Center for Endodontics


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