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Hello, and thank you for your time. I am a 20 yr old female who takes very good care of my teeth by brushing and mouth-washing twice a day and flossing once a day.  
The other day while looking at my teeth I saw one of my front bottom teeth has a lower gum line than the others caused by brushing too hard when I was younger. No root is showing though. It has been like this for a few years, and I never have a problem with it unless I accidentally scrape my brush on it too hard. Coincidentally I started feeling a very dull but annoying sensitivity throughout the whole day after examining the tooth. I'm kind of a worry wart so I figured it was just my mind creating the sensitivity since it was so light. I have felt this sensitivity now for 3 days and today noticed that my gum in between the low-gum-line tooth and the tooth beside it started bleeding when I flossed. My gums usually never bleed when I floss because I take good care of them. Do you have an idea as to what could cause that area to start bleeding out of nowhere? I don't think it would have anything to do with my lower gum line on that tooth because it was the gum in between my two teeth that started bleeding, and like I said the gum is not so far receded that any root is showing . I rinsed with warm salt water thinking maybe some food got caught somewhere, but I still feel it. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated because I am leaving to another country for 3 months very soon, and honestly have no time or money to visit my dentist before my trip. Thank you! Also, if this helps I got my wisdom teeth removed about a year ago with no problems, and I occasionally grind my teeth at night but this has never caused me any problems either.

Hi leah
Its great to know that u take such good care of ur teeth and ur natural concern!
See if ur gum has receeded a little bit exposing a certain amount of root. Sensitivity is a natural outcome as enamel(the insensitive part of teeth) is not present on the roots, thereby exposing the inner layer. Use over the counter desensitising mouthwash and toothpaste to manage the sensitivty.
As far as bleeding is concerned (provided) there isno underlying gum problem, it sounds like a one of incident involving flossing related injury.
Having said that visual examination by a dentist is warranted if this problem reoccurs.
As far as the receeded gum line is concerned.... You can visit a nearby periodontist to explore the possibility of gum corrective procedures like gum grafting etc to cover up the exposed root.
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