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Thank you for your help. I started my retreatment last December and it finally finished in feb of this year. I got sick between the two sittings and my endodontist couldn't finish the process in 2 sittings so she had to wait to clear out my sinus. Now since then I've been sick with the same cold, sinus issue 4 times and I don't know if it is because of my tooth. I also waited until starting the crown process which I did this month and I have a temporary crown now. I got sick last week with sore throat and cold again and now my gums near the root canal tooth are swollen and painful as hell. I don't know whom to go to at this point, general physician, endodontist or my dentist. It's just been nightmare since I started this process. Also, there was pain pressure most if the days since the root canal was done. What should I do next?

Thank you again!

Dear Diana,

The symptoms you described represent a re-infected root canal. At this point, the infected tooth is probably feeding the sinus with pathogenic bacteria. The best treatment is extraction. The tooth should be replaced ideally with metal-free zirconia implant, however, other options are still possible (fixed and removable).

My opinion is that once infected, your tooth was never sterile . It may have nothing to do with the skills of the dentist. The anatomy of the root does not always allow the dentist to clean the infection at 100%. This is the case when you should "overengineer" it and go straight to extraction and tooth replacement option, rather than trying to hold on to infected tooth in your mouth. Holding on to it may damage adjacent as well as distant organs in your body - read the short script on root canals at the end of this page:
root canal issues

I am pretty sure, if the tooth socket is cleaned and protected well after the extraction, your sinus issue will go away with the tooth.

Veselin Shumantov DDS


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