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Dentistry/sinus opening into mouth from tooth extraction.


Hello and thank you for your time and knowledge which you share with us.  I have a an opening from my sinus into my mouth after having a molar extracted which had roots deep into my sinus cavity.  At first after the surgery I had no problems and things went well until around 3 weeks post procedure and I noted that I had drainage from this sinus. I contacted my Dentist and he said to give it time that it will most likely close on its own.  It has now been almost 2 years and I now have fever most of the time, gross drainage, headaches and of course have a constant sinus infection.  I do not have dental insurance so this will have to be paid for out of pocket which is the reason I have been putting off the graft surgery. My question is how risky is this procedure 2 yrs. post extraction?  Also, I am already high risk due to having Hughes Syndrome and take Coumadin daily after having survived mult. bilat. P.E's 1 1/2 yrs. ago.  I also have had a TKR.  Do you think I should have this done in a hospital setting vs. office?  I am 51 yrs. old & I can tell that this is wearing me down. I am wondering if I should consult an ENT Dr. first?  I do have medical ins. but no dental.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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you should definitely get another opinion here...i would make an appointment with an oral surgeon to have this area evaluated. you should not wait any longer. you need either an oral surgeon or an ENT to check this out and make some sort of decision on what to do. he or she will work with your physician as far as you medical history/medications go. since you have medical and not dental insurance, maybe the ENT could be the one to call. make the call to one of these and get this treated. it should not be ignored any longer.

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