susan help! i recently went to my dentist for tooth pain. a crown that i had in 2010 is having extreme pain in and around area causing h/a's, jaw pain that radiates to eye, ear, forehead and neck. at the time of crown it had alot of sensitivity but eventually calmed down. he thought it may have a crack. i have several crowns and never this problem. that was 3 yrs ago. it really hurts now. my dentist sent me to oral surgeon that day  and he swears its tmj. i am a clencher, a really bad one. i have no clicking thou and my mouth doesnt hurt when i open it and no ear pain unless the tooth hurts. this pain comes and goes like labor pain and on a scale form 1-10 its a 12! its worse at nite especially when i lay down. this went on for a week. then it started hurting during day off and on. its delibilitating. i cant do anything when it hurts but sit in pain. im having hard time thinking its tmj. its so bad that im having trouble wearing the nite guard that i absolutely have to wear at nite. how do we know its tmj and not a cracked tooth which is what i think it is?

I have TMJ but am not a dentist so I cannot diagnose you if u live in the ny area I can recommend Dr Barry Rozenberg of. Wood mere and Manhattan. He has a lot of experience with TMJ. I suggest you get a second opinion with him or someone else. Once I had a cracked tooth and I could not chew down on it without experiencing an immediate sharp pain. Your symptoms sound a lot like TMJ to me but u have to be seen in person by a dentist that sees a lot of TMJ patients. Hope this helps.


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I AM NOT A DENTIST!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD BE ANSWERED BY A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL..but I have had TMJ so I can answer questions on how I finally got my TMJ under control. I have several things I have done to treat myself, plus suggestions on what professionals to seek out, exercises, the best nightguard devices, etc..


I've had TMJ for over six years.

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