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Thank you for your service. I have had soreness/pain on my right upper pre molar for the last 2 days. I have been taking Motrin every 6-8 hours and my dentist just called me in a precription of antibiotics to start to see if it resolves or I see him in 4 days. This tooth had a root canal 5 years ago. However, it was not intially "crowned". My new dentist did "seal" it last year due to it never having any additional work after the orginal root canal. I have othersie healthy teeth. This pain is worse at night. The tooth is sore upon applying pressure but the Motrin keep the pain at bay, in the meantime. ANy suggestions? I was under the impression a root canal would prevent the tooth from acting up in the future. 5 years later at that!

Hi bob!
I am sorry for your plight!
Root canals fail! Thats a reality! They do.... Even the best ones do... About 10 in 100.
I dont see an xray so i cant opine in detail.... Visit ur dentist (i hope he/ she is an endodontist) & get the tooth evaluated for the possibility of retreatment root canal....
Hurry the longer you wait.... The worse its gonna get.
Best wishes
dr mayank kaurani


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