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I had a root canal about 3 weeks ago and over the past few days I have been tasting a strange medicine like taste in my mouth. I would go and get it checked out but I'm at boarding school for the next few months and my dentist is in another country. Do you know what could be causing the taste and do you think I should go see a local dentist or can I leave it until I return home?

Hi Nicola,

I'm sorry this is going on especially when you are far from home. When we see this in my practice, it is usually caused by an issue with a temporary filling, if you have one. Either it is breaking down and pieces are falling off and they taste like medicine or the other thing could be that the filling is leaking and any medication inside the tooth could be leaking out. If you don't have a temporary filling, then it's hard for me to even guess since I can't exam you.

I would suggest that you call your dentist's office, explain what you are tasting and ask whether this is something that can wait until you get home. Without really knowing what is causing your taste, I can't really tell you whether this is an emergency or not, however, in most cases, this is not a big deal and if you can be seen in a month of so, it would probably be fine.

Hope this helps.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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