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Dear Sir,
After orthodontic treatment, i got TMD. There's a little bit slide to the left when i open my mouth. I have gone to oral surgeon. She asked to do open and close mouth exercise.It's better now, i can open my mouth in straight line but i still often feel pain on my neck.

The problem is after orthodontic treatment there is relapse and now i don't know which one my bite. Sometime the overjet is so big, sometime small & sometime edge to edge in my 2 front teeth. i have minor anterior open bite now. The surgeon examined my bite not in vertical position (maybe around 135 degrees)and said that my bite is not edge to edge and recommended me to just veneer my 4 front teeth if i am not happy with my open bite.

I am just worry that it's not my true bite and it will bring more problem after the veneer. Anyway, there's one orthodontist said that there's a possibility i have dual bite

Eli - through all that you have been through, your true bite is something that might be difficult for you determine.  You need a dentist who is skilled in fully relaxing your jaw muscles and allowing your normal bite relationship to redevelop. That is an ability that many dentists do not have.  

You need a dentist to relax your muscles with medication and at the same time fabricate an appliance called a bite guard.  This appliance will help to eliminate the muscular influences and allow the muscles to fully relax.  At that stage, which can take a few months, your bite relationship of the jaws should be neutral.  At that stage the proper bite can be determined and if any dental work needs to be done to make it stable, a skilled dentist should be able to do this.

The question is, is there a knowledgeable dentist near you.  I just cannot say, but it pays to search for one.

By the way, there is no dual bite.

I wish I could help more, but you need a dentist there who can help you.


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