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About 9 years ago I had a partial crown put on #2 and a full crown on #3.  Ever since then, it has felt "tight" and "crowded" in that region of my teeth, almost as if the crowns are slightly  larger than they should be.  It's hard to get floss between the teeth and for a while after flossing it feels as though the floss is still there (similar to the feeling you get when a popcorn husk or seed is caught in your teeth).  There is no pain and chewing is normal but it's just rather bothersome and annoying.  Is it somehow possible to relieve this "pressure"  so my teeth feel normal again?  Can the crowns be adjusted or re-sized without removing them?  By the way, I still have all my wisdom teeth.  I'm a 52 year old male.
In a possibly related matter, I have noticed over several years that my two front incisors, # 8 and # 9, are no longer nicely aligned with each other, they appear to be gradually going crooked and one is beginning to overlap the other.  Is this possibly due to the added pressure from the crowding issue I mentioned earlier?
Thank you for your assistance.

You need a thorough exam sounds like you may have a g um problem. The overlapping is one of the signs that you might have lost bone and the teeth gradually shift. Get in and get far as the the tight
Contact goes that may be adjustable intra-orally.


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