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 I was recently told by my dentist that tooth #18 had a cracked filling and would need replacing.  Since her prices have become out of my range, I went to a dental clinic.  After an exam and x-ray was told that the tooth had decay and cracking and needed a crown.  She did a crown build up, which I doubt was necessary, since the amount of decay was minimal.  My question is, will the build up hold up as well as a filling if I don't go ahead with the crown and just leave things as they are.  It looks and feels fine.
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only the dentist who did the buildup can answer this. i do not know what material he/she used. some people use permanent plastic material but sometimes people use a weaker material that is meant to be under crowns and thus is not permanent. also i do not know what kind of contour was filled in. many times things are built up to full contour. ask the dentist these questions. good luck

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