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QUESTION: hello doctor

3 weeks ago i undergo a mucocele surgery in my lower lips here in italy and the doctor put 4 stitches and it heal fine but my problem sir is that where they extract the mucocele i can feel a hard tissue inside my lips not visible from outside until i open my mouth and its so annoying especially when im eating and open my mouth.i was so worried sir maybe this hard tissue rest permanent in my lips its driving me crazy i think its better if i don't undergo this type of surgery

ANSWER: Jason - It is a little difficult for me to be completely sure the cause of the hard tissue, but usually, it is due to internal scarring of the tissue.  It is a little early to massage the area, but within a couple of weeks, you can begin a gentle massage from the inside and outside of with your forefinger and thumb.  On the skin, first lubricate the skin with Vaseline.  In addition, you can now usually begin warm salt water rinses to the area for 1-2 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  This is a slow process of softening.  Just so you know, there are many other small salivary glands in the area of the surgery.  Hopefully the surgeon was careful and did not traumatize these other glands or additional mucoceles can develop.

So be gentle with the area for now with just warm salt water rinses.  I hope the area softens and is back to normal soon.

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QUESTION: hello doctor

sir actually my lips is already  flat where they extract the mucocele but im so scared to chew food in that area and every time i chew food i have the sensation that the area  is becoming swoolen where they extract the mucocele is this a normal feeling o this is apart of healing process...actually how many months to complete the healing  process..thank you and waiting for your responce

Jason -  It is not normal to get a sensation of increased swelling when you chew food after the removal of a mucocele.  Of course, I cannot be sure what is going on without examining you, but if a sensation of swelling or swelling itself occurs, there may still be some minor salivary gland duct entrapment and blockage.  You need to be attentive and see if any swelling does occur.  It should not happen if the surgery was not properly.  

So you need to keep an eye on the lip and if swelling continues, get back to the surgeon to correct the situation.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.


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