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I have a problems with bloodshot eyes. I have been to 3 different eye doctors and they don't know what the problem is. I  have a tooth that the filling fell out of a couple years ago. I was told it is beyond repair and needs to be pulled! It doesn't seem to really bother me, so I have been putting off getting it pulled. I have noticed sensitive nerves under my nose that I know is coming from that tooth. It is the last tooth on the upper left. Could this be the cause of my red eyes and burning feeling in my eyes? Definitely have bad breath that I think is coming from this tooth!

Hi Jerry,

I'm sorry to hear you have all this going on. Unfortunately, I have bad, or maybe good, news for you. It is highly unlikely that your eye problem could be related to the tooth. This is just not the drainage pattern that we see from tooth problems. They typically drain down through the neck, not up into the eye area. Even if you get this tooth extracted, your eye problem would remain.

I would suggest, however, that you do get that extraction as you could certainly be setting yourself up for pain & swelling from an abscess tooth. It always happens when least expected or the day before you are leaving the's Murphy's Law :-).

Hope this helps some anyway....

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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