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I have had three oral surgeries since March 2013.  The first was in the upper left where tooth #15 used to be. FYI--#15 was pulled in Jan. 2013 due to lots of pain after a redo of a root canal. After extraction, I still had lots of pain and went to a different dentist for another opinion.  He x-rayed area and discovered that there was filling material left inside after the tooth #15 had been pulled. I was told this is not uncommon but see ENT.  ENT ordered CT scan that revealed this filling material was 1mm away from left maxillary sinus.  I saw an Oral surgeon that went in and removed filling material which also had some metal in it, probably from broken file from previous root canal.  After surgery, Oral surgeon said he thought he had to go into my sinus a little to get it out and don't blow my nose right away.  He didn't say for how long and a few days later I had to blow my nose.  I noticed I had no pressure to blow compared to right nostril and lots of blood. After this surgery, I also noticed that my face where the left sinus is by my nose, under my eye was tickling like I had to sneeze all the time. After a week or so, I developed swelling/bump under my face, area was sore to touch and then one day a large clump of pus came down my throat and out my mouth and the bump went away there.  But the internal stinging/burning inside where the dental work was done continued to get worse.  Additionally, I began having progressive pain inside above where #15 was and surgery was. I went back to oral surgeon and he determined tooth #14? (2 teeth behind eye tooth) which had a root canal approx. 15 mos. earlier, was not root canaled right.  Apparently, the tooth has three roots and one root has two holes in the root and one of those holes was not filled.  Thus, bacteria gets in and causes infection.  So bridge was cut off, and now this tooth #14, was also pulled in beginning of April 2013. Note, #13 wasn previously pulled last year by dentist #1 and she had installed a bridge. So in order to pull #14, the oral surgeon had to cut off the bridge(literally 25 minutes of jack hammering in my mouth); bridge was made of zircon and 4 cutting bits later he got it off.  However, part of the bridge is still on my eye tooth because he couldn't get it off of eye tooth without damaging/destroying tooth. Again, after #14 was pulled in March 2013, I felt better, pain and pressure was gone but for only a few days.  I could gradually feel severe pressure in this area building and pressure and pain extending to my left ear, face, eye, head.  I have been to an ER three times for help with horrible pain.  I figured out er's are not dentists, oral surgeons or educated in this area and really no help. All I got was see your ENT or dentist and here's some pain pills.  Meanwhile, I returned to the oral surgeon again due to pain symptoms and he informed me he needed to go back in this area of 13, 14 15 and remove the broken pieces of bone that had developed (speculas or something like that). This was oral surgery #3 in later April of this year, 2013. This time, he ground down the bone in the area of #'s 13, 14, 15 (all teeth are gone), rinsed it out, removed a green cyst from my gum near #13 and sewed it shut.  Again, pressure and pain subsided in a couple of hours, but few days (3-4) all hell broke loose again. Note: not sure if this means anything...but every time oral surgeon went in (3 times) and cut open gum, it felt like a total relief of pressure and drainage. But again, I developed extreme left side face, head pain, pressure, left eye hurt...Oral surgeon said nothing he could do. I have seen 3 ENT's and they said see dentist.  Cat scans of sinus reveal clear sinus.  I have seen 2 neurologists and no nerve damage, trigeminal nerve is also fine and was given Lyrica to help with head pain. I now pain everywhere,  horrible head pain, pressure to both sides of face, head, neck, left ear.......etc.  I have been given oxycodone and told there is nothing they can do for me if they don't know what the problem is.  I believe there is a problem with my sinus right above where the oral surgeon did his work.  He said he thought he entered my sinus on surgery #1 in March 2013, my nose has not worked right ever since. It feels like the plumbing in my left nose is not working properly and there is an infection there.  The ENT told me recently to put salt, baking soda and water in a netti pot and put in nose.  I did that yesterday and it burned the heck in the left nose, right above where 13, 14 15 were (where I do all the complaining). I can feel the water going in places it should not go, beyond the sinus.  It is going in my head and giving me a stiff neck and making my brain short circuit so to speak.  It feels like I have no room left for my brain as there is fluid from my nose going the wrong way. It even hurts in my shoulders. And my head pain is not just in the left, it is everywhere.  My regular doc put me on Bactrim/sulfa antibiotics for a second time last week, because when I ran out of antibiotics a week ago, the pain became unbearable again.  I also recently tested positive for slight MRSA in left nostril which is reason for antibiotics but not the reason for the pain or messed up plumbing in my left nose.  I notice after I sleep at night with my head back, all my symptoms are way better in the morning, but after I am on my feet for a couple of hours and I am upright, it feels like fluid runs down my head and all symptoms get worse and by the end of the day I can't function.  Again, I believe hole in sinus never healed and sinus not draining in right direction, thus, filling my head with fluid which eventually works its way around my head, down my neck.  I have a constant tight neck and shoulders. Symptoms were originally limited to left side of head (where surgery was) and now affecting my whole head.  I break out in sweats and feel dizzy like numerous times a day and don't feel well.  Sometimes I am not sure if I am going to live?  Does a CAT SCAN always show a compromised sinus or fistula??  I also had a brain MRI and there is are 2-3 locations where they see white stuff which is abnormal.  I have been trying to tell everybody, there is something wrong with my sinus and I am not imaging anything, I don't have nerve damage )been to two nerve docs, and prior to this first surgery, no brain issues as I had a previous MRI to check my thyroid gland a few years ago.  I can feel the water from netti pot going in places it shouldn't in my left side.  Also, above/inside where the surgery was, I feel pain and burning/stinging inside the gum where the bottom of the maxillary sinus is. I truly feel like I will die from this if not figured out and treated soon.  My head is ready to blow from pain.  Again, I think if it weren't for the antibiotics I am on, I would already be dead with infection from fluid going the wrong way in my head. Please, please help me with what tests and type of doctor I need. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I recently went to a different oral surgeon for second opinion. She said the bone in the area is dangerously thin and she will not go in to look.  I have been bounced from ENT to dentist to oral surgeon to neurologist to endochronolosit to a pain management doc, to ER, etc.  I need help desperatly before I die from a misdiagnosis or lack of proper treatment.  Thank you very much.

My guess is that there is nerve damage or ongoing infection from the origianl root canals and possibly the initial surgery.  You probably have a law suit n there somewhere but where to go is the question.  Where are you in California?  I can tell you who not to go to for sure and that is Anthony Pogrel in SF.


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