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i once had a skating accident in 2008 and broke my front tooth in half and had root canal treatment. after that black stains started to come in my teeth. then i cleaned them last year, but they keep coming again and again. i don't know what to do? so could you please suggest me any method to remove my stains at home, because i can't offer a dentist. so please help me.

sometimes a tooth with a root canal becomes darker afterwards. the darkness you are seeing may not be superficial but inside of the tooth. you many need a veneer or a crown on the tooth. if the stain is superficial, it can be polished off by your dentist. if it is coffee stain or something like that, you can try this: dip your brush in some hydrogen peroxide...then dip this wet brush into some baking soda and brush with the slurry that forms on the brush. this sometimes will take off superficial stains. if this does not work, you may have to visit the dentist for an evaluation. good luck

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