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After having all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, i was told to go home and yawn widely to loosen my facial muscles. When i did this, i felt a ripping/pulling near my right jaw joint. I was told the muscles near the TMJ were strained and to take it easy. In a week's time, trismus had set in. A second specialist told me the muscles were strained too and to go home and use tongue depressors to combat the trismus. i did this and my bite, which had only been a little off, went crazy. my teeth were chattering, it was hard to keep them together at all.  Then, all the muscles in my face began hurting.

so, throughout all of this, every time i try to stretch my jaw, even passively, my muscles freak out and my bite begins shifting like crazy, but if i dont stretch, my bite is still off and my opening becomes really restricted.

there seem to be two schools of thought:
A)take it easy on the muscles and they will resume normal functioning, which will correct my bite and ultimately cure my trismus.

Then there's B) the only way to cure my muscle dysfunction and askew bite is to stretch my mouth and get rid of my trismus.

which is the correct line of thinking?


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Hi, Melanie,

The correct line of thinking is to free yourself from the grip of those tight muscles by retraining them.  Neither rest nor stretching are likely to do it.

Please see my article on TMJ dysfunction, starting with "Common Causes ..." . |,1.htm

The articles explain the condition, give you a way to get started freeing yourself from it, and a way to get more, if you need it.

article about stretching (different) |
article about completing recovery from an injury (explains Trauma Reflex) |


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