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"My husband has suffered from geographic tongue for a few years now. It normally only affects the left lateral and dorsal part on his tounge and the tip of his tongue. Recently I noticed he had a red area with a white border on the right side of tongue kind of underneith his tongue and the border. It comes and goes, the red will go away and the border will disappear then come back a few days later. Can gt occur in this area of the tongue? At first I thought it may be irritation from good but it keeps coming and going. Does this look like geographic tongue to you?

Red spot with white border

Few days later and it's gone

Hi Kim,
The hallmark for geographic tongue is that is moves and changes every few days.  The fact that lesion is gone now, makes me think it is related to his geographic tongue.

However, if it returns, and remains for more than a week, I would see an oral surgeon for evaluation.  Main reason being is that the lateral borders of the tongue are areas where oral cancer can develop and it's better to be pro-active in that situation.

Hope this helps,
KG Amin, DMD

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