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My husband has a lump over his bridge that causes him a lot of pain. I've mistakenly let this go and want to make up for it. The lump is next to his nose and feels hard. He has an app tomorrow but I wanted to as if it could still be just an infecrion or do you think its a cyst because of how it feels. Pkease help with any insight. Thank you

Hello Christina,

This is really difficult to diagnose without seeing him or seeing an x-ray.  My feeling it that it's infection.  I'd really need more information but I'll do my best for you. You are correct it's possible that it's something benign the position is not in a spot usually where we see a cancer so I doubt that's it.  I think, since there is a bridge in place, I'd make an educated guess, which is exactly what this is, that it's an abscess from one of the teeth that holds the bridge in place.  Abscesses can be hard if they are acute and since you said he's in a lot of pain that is probably a good choice as a diagnosis.  Your dentist will check the teeth and will probably x-ray it to see if my diagnosis is correct.  A cyst usually will not appear in that area so I doubt that's it.  Thanks a lot for your good question, he really needs to get into the dentist quickly to prevent more serious problems.  


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