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I fear I have mouth cancer. Googleing oc has pretty much became an obsession of my at this point. I'm 24. I rarely drink(less than 5 beers in the last year). I've either chewed or smoked for the last 10 years (Chewed 7-8 of those years, have recently quit). I've recently become engaged and am starting to clean my life up. My gums around my teeth and my cheek have a burning/tingling(Haven't chewed on this side for over 5 years if that matters any). It doesn't happen all the time, but does happen very frequently. I constantly feel pain around these teeth(top left side, first 4 teeth). Until about a month ago I've used orajel to ignored this pain. It's been going on for about a year(dentist advised that I was using orajel to much and actually causing damage to my gums from it, so I stopped using it). My cheek has a few spots that feel slightly rough with my tongue. These areas are also slightly sore, and tend to come and go. The dentist told me that this is from chewing on my cheek, although I don't chew on my cheek. The gland inside of this cheek hurts to touch it. Also it's pretty swollen.I feel pain/tingling between my left eye and my teeth. This also comes and goes but is pretty frequent. My teeth hurt when I breath through my nose, again on the top left side. For a while I've had a cotton ball in my ear. It doesn't hurt, I just don't hear out of it normally. With out the cotton ball I have tunnel hearing. Everything is much louder and echoes. The lymph nodes under this ear are swollen, but don't hurt. I've been to the dentist three times since may 1. I've had him do a cancer screening twice. Both consisted of him feeling around my cheeks/jaw line and inside of my mouth. He has also used two different types of lights (one was just a blue light, the second was white, blue, and green). He has found nothing. (also did x-rays of my teeth). After my first dentist apt I went to a walk in clinic and was told I had a sinus infection. I went through that set of antibiotics. Returned to the dentist complaining of teeth pain yet again. The dentist said it was nothing in my mouth. After the first set of antibiotics I went to my normal gp, he verified that I was given an oc screening, and said it was a sinus infection and gave me another round of antibiotics. I'm still in the process of taking these at this time. At this point I returned to the dentist to have him do a second oc screening just to be safe. Has told me what ever my issue is that it isn't in my mouth. He has scheduled an apt for an ent(July 22). I work in a call center. As such I'm constantly talking. This constant burning of my cheek and teeth are starting to drive me crazy. I used to be able to ignore it with orajel, but I can't use this because of the damage that it causes. As I've said earlier I'm obsessed with Google and oc. I'm terrified that I have oc. Working in a call center gives me unlimited Internet access while at work. I've venture to say I'm spending 2-3 hours a day just looking up oc. I need help. Any suggestions on where I should go from here? I was thinking of trying to find another dentist for a 2nd opinion but I'm not sure...

I would suggest you schedule an evaluation with an oral maxillofacial surgeon to evaluate your mouth.  One with an MD (dental and medical degrees) would be preferable.  If he/she gives the all clear, then you can rest assured.  Moving forward you can schedule a yearly exam with the surgeon to continue and monitor your the health of your mouth.

The internet is a powerful tool, but can be dangerous if you don't absorb all the information within reason.

With regard to the burning sensation, seeing a physician:  neurologist is probably the best bet after you've been cleared by the oral surgeon.

Best of luck,
KG Amin

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