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Dentistry/sinus lesion?


I am a hygienist and really need a second but more educated opinion.  My niece recently had a fistula come up around #3 and she states she kept popping in but it came back.  She went to and endodontist and they noticed that #7 tooth was turning dark due to prior trauma and did a RCT on #7 that day but took periapicle's of the other teeth on the right side due to the fistula being present around #3 and noticed that she had a lesion, really above all the teeth on the right side.  They finished the RCT on #7 and plan to do internal bleaching for the darkness.  They want to wait a month to get her back to check everything.  They also noticed she has severe bone loss on the x-rays but did not probe the area.  She is only 20 years old.  My question is , Is this a ENT problem?  Should she go see one right away?  
Thanks, Worried Aunt and Hygienist.

it sounds more dental to me...perio and endo issues. i would get a full set of xrays on her and do a complete pocket measurement on her and see what things look like. you need to rule out dental things first...caries, endo, perio problems. if everything checks out, then you can start looking for more bizarre ideas i.e. ENT issues, diabetic issues, etc.

20 is awfully young for all of these severe problems. but it can happen.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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