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My 5-year old granddaughter lost her 2 top (baby) teeth last year. Her dentist says the replacement teeth are in her jaw but are not coming down. She has a very long tongue which affected her speech. Speech therapy has helped, and the dentist thinks the therapist should now advise my granddaughter about keeping her tongue tucked behind her teeth when she goes to bed as this will help the upper jaw to grow more. Will this be sufficient? Can anything else be done to ensure her upper jaw does not continue to shrink? Would a mouth guard help?

First, you should understand that the delayed appearance of the upper incisors does not mean that the upper jaw is not growing or is actually shrinking. The growth of the jaws and the development and appearance of the teeth are two different processes and are frequently unrelated to one another.  Without seeing the actual xrays I don't what the actual problem is with your granddaughter, so I also cannot speculate on any treatment advice.  However, the suggestion advising "your  granddaughter about keeping her tongue tucked behind her teeth when she goes to bed as this will help the upper jaw to grow more" is not likely to help the situation.  I suggest you have your grand daughter seen by an orthodontist who may have a better understanding of the processes of oral growth and development.


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