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Dr. Dalin, The acrylic on my lower cast metal partial has a small hole in it(acrylic is thinning) and another area of acrylic was never on there when I received it. The partial is only 6 months old. What can be done?Will the dentist have to reline it and send it to the lab, or can he put something on it in his office that will last? Is it still under warranty? Thanks

let me try to answer each of your questions: the dentist might be able to reline it right in the depends on how much is needed and if he/she has the materials to do it right there in the office. sometimes we have no choice but to send it to the lab for them to do it. the dentist will have to see it in person to give the answer here. as far as warranty work goes, this varies from dentist to dentist and their personal practice philosophies. some will stand behind the work for a year or two...others will not. let's hope that the dentist can fix it in his or her office and that he/she will do it at no charge for you because it is still new (in my opinion).

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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