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Good Evening Doc,

I have been dealing with a white ulcer on my left tonsil for 4 days. It has gotten bigger in size and now I have a bit of a headache from it. I put Salt on it, which made it bleed alittle bit, and I gargle salt water 3 times a day. I also had a ulcer under my tongue, but not as big. I noticed these ulcer after brushing my teeth. I heard SLS in toothpaste could cause these. I do get Canker sores in my mouth quite frequently. My question is, how long does this last, because the ulcer is painful when I swallow food. Also, how can I tell the difference between Ulcers and Cancer? I have no swollen glands, no fever(98.2) but a bit of a headache.  Thanks Doc!

Hi scotty , i am definate it is not Cancer sores as you have no fever , you most probably have Apthous ulcer. What you can use is tantum mouth wash , and have vit b 12 supplements , which will greatly reduce the size and occurrence of the lesions. If u can send me a picture of the ulcer , i could give you medication as well.


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