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Dentistry/horrible bone pain after root canal


Hi..I had a root canal on thursday the 18th..I had to take antibiotics and some pain medicine a week before root canal was done cause of infection and some minor root canal took two hours to do ..ive had three other root canals in the past four months and they never took this long..anyways towards the end I felt about a minute of pain while he was doingroot canal..but nothing again while he finished it its sunday and im in the worst pain ever..vicodin, 800mg motrin and 500mg amoxcillian isnt doing anything...the pain is now in my jaw bone but the weird thing is it hurts where a tooth was extracted two teeth away...and I noticed in the bone in feels like its sunken in a little bit..I know this might sound stupid but im not 100 percent if my bone has always been sunken in like that cause its in the back of my mouth and I dont normally run my fingers over my jaw bone...
So my question is what could cause that sunken in part of my it cause a tooth was extracted andI just never nnoticedit?
Second the dentist said they didnt have a lot to work with, with my tooth cause they had to take it down so far for root canal..tooth number 13 if that helps..
Is this amount of pain normal? Im having swelling in cheek and pain shoots to ear.
Sorry for overloading you.any little bit of info would help :)

Hi Stephanie,
Sorry about your recent dental issues.  It is normal for the bone to "sink"/resorb after an extraction area has healed.  Chances are what you are feeling was always there since the extraction.

In terms of the pain after the recent root canal, it is normal to have post op pain for about 3-5 days after root canal treatment.  Typically this pain is controlled with 800mg of motrin and vicodin is more that sufficient.  If the tooth is still sore beyond this, I would contact the endodontist (root canal specialist) that treated you.  Perhaps switching the pain medication will help get you through the initial inflammatory period (3-5 days).

Hope this helps,
KG Amin, DMD


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