Hi dr. Backlund,  I promise I won't bother you again after this.  I have been researching periodontal disease and came across RPE.  NThe dentist is Judy Carroll.  Apparently she cleans out your teeth in 1 appt with endoscopy.  She is in Washington state.  I would be willing to go there to save my teeth but am wondering if this is hype.  It looks good but sometimes things that look to good to be true ....  Anyway there is no one in Pa or  surrounding area that does this procedure.  I don't know why b/c it sounds so much better than what they are using now.  Thanks again, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

On this question, I really can't be much help since I'm an endodontist. There does not seem to be many dentists doing this, at least at this point, so it doesn't seem to be mainstream treatment. That doesn't mean it's not effective, however. I would suggest you ask your periodontist what his/her opinion is since he/she should be up on current treatment methods...more so than me :-).

Sorry I can't help here.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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