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Hi Dr. Backlund, I ope I'm not coming across as neurotic, it is just that teeth are important.  I just came from the Periodontist and he confirmed that the tooth is 8mm.  I also have pockets in my upper 2 molars as well but not that deep. P they were 5mm.  He deep cleaned the 8mm and gave me an antibiotic.  He also had me bite on a plastic stick to see if it elicited any pain.  It did not but he isn't ruling out abscess or infection even though I don't have any pain.  He said he will try to get it healthier and see what happens.  He also mentioned something about root canal which I have nev had.  Anyway I go ba k in a few days and he is going to work on the other molars.  My other teeth are in good shape.  My current dentist called him, I think to cover his tracks and told him that he did deep pocket cleaning on my teeth.  That has never happened.  I just had my checkup and X-rays 3 days ago and nothing was said about pockets.  He sent me to the other dentist to put me to sleep and she noticed the pocket on sight w/o the X-ray and sent me to the periodontist.  Anyway after a sleepless night thinking I was going to lose my teeth he gave me some hope.  I appreciate your advice and listening to my tales of woe.  Thank you, Lynn

Hi Lynn,

You are NOT neurotic! You have been through a lot in a short period of time and have had some real dental surprises in addition. I'm glad I could be there to help where's a bit tough since this is only the internet.

It sounds to me like you are on the right path and have a team now that can really return you mouth to a healthy condition. I guess the only good thing is that all this happened now, instead of 5 years from now when it might have become much worse.

Best of luck and check in with me periodically so I can hear how things are going.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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