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Dentistry/Aveololplasty nightmare for son


Due to illness and medications over the years my 35 year old son decided to get dentures vs. the extensive dental work it would require to get his mouth in shape, and it was the only option he could reasonably afford.  

He decided to go with one of the chain dental clinics where he purchased the ultimate package.  Part of the package included two quadrants of the bone smoothing which we assumed was done.  After episode after episode of hellish events, including inadequate numbing during procedures itself, absolutely no followup, despite our calling over a weekend at least ten times, we decided to change care to another office of the same chain.  Not wanting to throw his colleague under the bus, he said he'd be happy to do the dentures but we had to go back to Dr X for the bone smoothing.  We went directly to Dr. X office where we were told they would give us a call.  Ten days later no calls.  So, he decided to go back to the second DDS office to try to get the bottoms fitted.  Oh, forgot to mention the second DDS was so shocked at the Bugs Bunny teeth my son walked in with on that first visit, they fashioned him a totally new set...and did tell him no way would the original set have fit his mouth.  

Well, yesterday, hoping the second doc would then step in to finish what Dr. X had botched, we were told, sorry, can't throw his colleague under the bus.  I do understand and don't blame him, but meanwhile we have a very nice looking guy in his mid 30's with no teeth for three weeks...and facing another hororendous procedure.  Well, we paid up front with Care we find out that the aveloloplasty may run nearly $3000.   I feel we should make the dental mill pay for everything!  We are considering a lawsuit just because we are so mad...but first things first, he cannot get dentures till this is done...we are between a rock and a hard place.  

Any advice from anyone else here would be appreciated.  Of course, at the very minimum, we are filing complaints with all medical boards, Angie's list, etc.  but that doesn't help my poor son right now.  

Thanks for any help anyone can give here!

Kathy -  I am not a specialist in dealing with an obvious malpractice case, but if you seen an evaluation from an attorney and have them contact the dental office, I think the situation will be taken care of.  I am so sorry to hear what your son has been through.  

Let me know what happens.  Another approach would be to contact the Florida Dental Association and tell them what is going on.  Make sure to tell the office you are contacting the dental association.


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