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Hello Dr
I have a question regarding my child's primary teeth! He is 17 months now and he has his upper four incisors and upper and lower first molars, lower two central  and left lateral incisor, his right lower lateral incisor didn't appear till now! I am a dentist myself, i have no experience in children's dentistry but i found it strange that his lower lateral incisor is delayed!
Should i be concerned!
thank u alot

i would not be will see all sorts of eruption patterns over your career. they come in in all sorts of different orders and at different times. there is nothing you can do at that age anyway so you merely have to be patient and see how things look by around age 30-36 months. then you will see the same thing happen in eruption patterns with permanent teeth.

the moral of this story is be can't do much at early can always get things corrected later.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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