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Dr. Dalin, I want a dentist to make me a new upper denture, and my insurance pay's for one. The problem I am having is that when I see a dentist they want to give me a rebase on my old one, which I told them I don't want. The denture is 9 yrs. old good teeth, but the palate is way too thin. I do not want  to have to go without teeth for two days, and sit have impression material in my mouth for four minutes, I can't even stand one second. I am now trying to find a new dentist after the other consultation to make a new one. Do I have to tell a new dentist I lost my denture and go in there without teeth? Any advise in this matter? Thanks

if you want a new denture then that is all you should need to tell your dentist. even if a reline might be okay, it is your desire to start fresh (you can use this first denture as an emergency spare one). now keep in mind, when you make a new denture you will still be getting impressions made of your mouth. good luck...all should be fine. this is simple communication here.

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